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Nithik’s Kitchen, Rozelle

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Blog, Restaurants | 0 comments

In the space of about a month five friends separately discovered Nithik’s Kitchen and said I must try it. It’s different, they said. “You won’t find butter chicken on the menu”.

Further evidence of its popularity came when we were first turned away after trying to go for an early baby friendly dinner and later when trying to make a reservation only 24 hours prior.

Nithik's 2

While reading the menu we drank wine and dunked paper thin pappadums in mango chutney, ginger raita and a salad of red onion, tomato and lemon. The list of entrees took us on a winding road from Southern Indian street food to coastal delicacies to the “Introduction to six rasa’s”, a creation of Nithik’s own kitchen in Rozelle.

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Our entrees of Masala dosa and Mudaliyar lamb chops arrived almost as soon as we ordered them. The dosa came with plenty of rice and lentil pancake to tear apart and coat with spicy coconut chutney, tomato and chilli or gunpowder (potent!). It was the perfect size to share. A marinade paste (pepper, cumin, coriander and ginger) didn’t overpower the lamb while the accompanying sweet potato and snow peas lightened the dish.

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Thankfully the entrees were generous because there was a wait for the excellent Jaradaloo goat curry and chicken makhani.

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Unfortunately while the food at Nithik’s is something to indulge yourself with, eating in the restaurant is anything but relaxing. The small space was full of customers, everyone was shouting to be heard in the packed space. The only breaks in the clatter happened when a spice chocked smoke wafted from the kitchen starting a humerous outbreak of sneezing.


A must try for the food but try to go early and on a quiet night.

Nithik’s Kitchen 679 Darling Street, Rozelle

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